Is your enterprise secure enough?

The recent global situation has brought about profound changes in the way we work. To support this new environment, you may have rapidly put new technologies and operational practices in place.

But how has your cyber-security risk posture changed?

In this webinar, we will show how Avanade can help you understand your current security posture by enabling state-of-the-art security controls and assess what security events go undetected and un-protected.

These include:

  • Identity protection to detect anomalous sign-ins, leaked credentials and uncharacteristic user behavior
  • Office 365 Threat Protection to detect malicious email (still the most common attack-vector) malicious URLs, spam and phishing
  • Detect un-wanted SaaS applications (Shadow IT) that are being used in your environment
  • And more…

After this Threat Check has been performed, we will provide the report in a workshop format, together with your stakeholders and build a snapshot of where you are today and where you want to be tomorrow based on your strategic and operational goals in accordance to your business and your vision.

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Peter Swedin

Peter Swedin
Security Lead, Nordic

Peter is responsible for driving the security business, offers and initiatives for Avanade in the Nordics. He has worked exclusively with security since the 1990’s, been a part of three successful security start-ups and three global corporations. Has a special affinity for Identity and information security, but have worked in all IT-security related fields. Designed and implemented numerous security projects and architectures on a global scale, leading teams spread across five continents. Takes a wholistic view on security, believing that properly secured environments can serve as an enabler for any organization to do business in new and innovating ways.


Joe Eliasson

Joe Eliasson
Microsoft 365 Consultant, Sweden

Joe is a Modern Workplace Consultant at Avanade, where he helps customers succeed in their Microsoft 365 journey and digital transformations. With a strong focus on Security & Compliance, he is a firm believer that putting security first in every step of the way is essential in any successful modern workplace transformation. Having spent the last two years in the financial services sector has given Joe much valuable experience in developing solutions in highly regulated markets and moving forward, Joe aims to continue helping clients in their digital transformations using Microsoft technology with a strong emphasis on securing their modern workplace.




Keep your data and IP safe and accessible to unleash growth, cut costs and drive collaboration.

Secure Cloud

Become cyber-resilient in the Microsoft Cloud.

Secure Modern Workplace

 Enable employees to benefit from a more collaborative and innovative workplace.

Avanade joins Microsoft Intelligent Security Association

The Accenture and Microsoft joint venture invited to be a part of the core specialist group focused on combatting increasing global cybersecurity threats.

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