The Transformation of Supply Chain Resilience

The pandemic has continued to wreak havoc on the global supply chain. Customer frustration is increasing, and businesses are being tested as supply issues and rising prices, that were once thought to be transient, are now expected to last far into the new year.

Companies now realise how crucial it is to strengthen the resilience of their supply chains, as the container market, shipping routes, ports, air cargo, trucking lines, railways, and warehouses remain in flux.

  • What opportunities have arisen as a result of disruptions across the industry?
  • In addition to a shortage of skilled labor and more resignations, what are the biggest threats to supply chains today?
  • Why is transparency important, and can suppliers have too much of it?
  • How are companies developing more responsible, sustainable, and stronger supply chains? What role is technology playing?

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Tom Nall
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