Modernising digital technology in central government

Avanade Central Digital Gov't Transformation POV

In the wake of the pandemic, government and public services organisations have been forced to rethink how they operate and utilise digital tools to communicate. Increasingly tech-savvy citizens are demanding swift and seamless digital services – akin to those they experience in the private sector – from central government. But, left with policy decisions of the past, legacy systems and outdated processes, making the step to more agile technologies has been a challenge. To do more with less and meet the changing expectations of citizens and employees, in turn raising the profile of central government. Now is the time to rethink how digital tools are used.

Read this Digital Transformation in Central Government Point of View to understand how to:

  • Put citizens, employees and their experiences first
  • Be more agile and efficient to increase effectiveness
  • Remain responsible, inclusive and resilient

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