Amplifying the value of innovative digital healthcare solutions

The Healthcare industry has long been challenged by aging populations, clinician burnout, patient dissatisfaction and cost of care. The pandemic has intensified these challenges and created new ones. We help organisations realise the power of Microsoft Cloud for Healthcare, personalised by Avanade, to innovate and transform. We provide advisory, innovation, design, implementation, managed services, to optimise digital healthcare solutions that accelerate results and create a clear path forward to better outcomes.

Partnering with clients to deliver better experiences, better collaboration, better insights and outcomes

  • Enhance patient engagement: Propagate data and technology across every point of healthcare to improve patient experience and outcomes.
  • Empower health team collaboration: Accelerate and coordinate care across complex, cross-team workflows.
  • Improve clinical and operational insights: Unify data and apply advanced analytics and AI to predict risks, improve care and increase operational efficiency.
  • Protect health information: Support end-to-end security and privacy, compliance regulations and improve data governance and trust.

“The solution Avanade delivered removes nearly all of the complexity of cloud technologies so that Answer ALS teams can focus on science.”

Barry Landin Answer ALS solution architect

Explore virtual care and digital health innovations

    "We are now set to trade within the required timelines and can meet the strict regulations of the pharmaceutical business."

    Ciaran Barr CFO, Theramex

    Reimagine workplace experiences to reduce clinician burnout

    Healthcare tech leaders explore the current state of clinician burnout.


    How to secure healthcare data in a hybrid cloud environment

    A guide to help protect personal health information and guard against cyberattacks.


    Metaverse: Closer than you think

    Find the ‘real value’ now in healthcare


    How data and AI are creating agile, resilient healthcare organisations

    3 high performing AI-driven innovations.

    We combine global expertise with digital health technology

    The Avanade/Accenture partnership serves health providers, doctors, health payors, life sciences and medical device organisations and health consumers across 20 countries worldwide.

    Partner with clients worldwide
    4,000+ clients since 2000
    46% of Global 500 companies are clients
    34% of Fortune 500 companies are clients

    Recognised for our Microsoft expertise
    Microsoft Global SI Partner of the Year, 17th time in row, 2022
    Dynamics 365 Customer Insights & Marketing Partner of the Year, 2022
    Dynamics 365 Customer Insights & Marketing Partner of the Year, 2022
    Global Healthcare Microsoft Partner of the Year 2020
    #1 globally in Teams and Office 365 deployment
    #1 in certified resources deploying and administering Office 365

    1,000+ healthcare-focused professionals

    Avanade/Accenture services
    41 of the top 100 hospitals
    (U.S. Thomson Reuters)

    8 out of the 10 largest Blues in North America

    21 out of 25 largest US Payors

    Clinician Virtual Assistant

    Reduce time spent on administrative tasks.

    Care 24/7

    Accelerating digital health for clinicians, staff, patients and members.

    Future-ready healthcare

    Embedding innovation with Care 24/7 & Healthcare on Azure

    Intelligent Marketing and Engagement

    Attracts patients and improves engagement.

    Imperatives for resilient patient-centered healthcare systems

    Healthcare Industry Q&A at Envision, a digital series, sponsored by Microsoft, Accenture and Avanade.

    Explore the Future of Digital Health

    Are health and life sciences professionals prepared to invest more in digital health? Read survey findings.

    Health Tech Roundtable Report

    5 points for the future of patient care in the cloud

    Improve the Workplace Experience

    Create a better care experience for providers and network members.


    Transforming businesses into digital enterprises, whatever the industry.

    Next steps

    Find out how we can help make your patients – and business – healthier.

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