Healthcare in the consumer age

Advancements in the treatment of illnesses have made remarkable progress over the past few years. However, the business operations and supporting infrastructure surrounding how healthcare organisations interact with patients have lagged behind what’s happening in many other industries.

Add to that patients seeking more active participation in their care along with a more personalised approach. These factors mean that healthcare enterprises are being pushed to find ways to improve the patient experience while still ensuring better outcomes and lower costs.

"By orchestrating and managing a seamless patient journey, this new platform is playing a critical role in supporting appropriate access to therapy, minimising barriers to access and optimising care for hundreds of thousands of patients."

Brett Huselton VP of Commercial Strategy and Opportunity Development, UBC

The benefits of an integrated intelligent healthcare enterprise

Forty-eight percent of healthcare organisations report that immature technologies are holding them back from increasing patient engagement and the value of their services (Source: HealthITanalytics.com)

Avanade helps healthcare businesses address this issue by becoming intelligent enterprises. By taking advantage of available technology to chart a complete view of each patient’s journey, they can organise and even predict the best course of treatment for their patients.

But an organisation looking to transform can only move as fast as its culture will allow. We can help you identify and deploy the right platform, infrastructure and devices to enable your digital workplace.

Our healthcare expertise

Much like retailers, healthcare companies must provide a convenient and personal service to their customers. Virtual care, patient personalisation, mobile access and social collaboration are among the ways digital technology is revolutionising healthcare delivery.

We have helped some of the most successful healthcare providers and payer organisations realise results through technology. We have in-depth experience providing healthcare solutions that enhance not only patient experiences and quality of care, but also security, privacy and compliance.

Working with our partners Accenture and Microsoft, Avanade offers an unmatched combination of industry and technical expertise.

Improving the patient experience

Healthcare organisations can ensure better outcomes for everyone and give patients back some control over their own health.

Healthcare marketing with human impact

Marketing technology creates human, intimate experience inside and outside healthcare provider organisations.

The era of intelligence meets healthcare

Healthcare organisations are on a journey to becoming intelligent enterprises.

Digital technology meets patient care

Virtual tumour board enables hospital to increase the number of patient cases reviewed.


Transforming businesses into digital enterprises, whatever the industry.

Next steps

Find out how we can help make your patients – and business – healthier.

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