Next Generation of Telehealth with Data and AI eBook

The implementation of artificial intelligence (AI) in telehealth settings, including the home, is gaining momentum. The main AI use cases in telehealth include information analysis and collaboration, remote patient monitoring, and intelligent diagnostics and assistance.

Information Age, in partnership with Avanade, hosted a virtual roundtable of healthcare leaders worldwide representing a diverse group of organisations including health plans, hospitals, medical clinic and home and social care services to explore the power of AI in telehealth.


Highlights, drawn from two virtual roundtables, are featured in this Roundtable eBook and cover four key areas:

  • AI in telehealth and home health
  • Virtual care experience
  • Care team collaboration
  • Data-driven insights
  • Conclusion

Many of us have experienced telehealth over the past 12 months due to recent events. .The question now is how much will telehealth continue to play a role in healthcare? Where will it be most impactful and how will it continue to evolve with the use of AI and the cloud.

Please take this opportunity to learn and discover the power of AI in telehealth to enhance the care journey.

Next steps

Find out how we can help you power the future of telehealth with data and AI creating a more personalised care journey.

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