It’s time for Manufacturers to get smarter

Manufacturers are getting smarter about how they use digital technologies – because they have to. Times are tough and staying tough. Margins are tighter, costs higher, supply chains less certain. One takeaway for manufacturers: Innovations now must deliver more value more quickly across more of the organisation than ever before.

With our Manufacturing and Industry X teams Avanade provides Intelligent Digital Twin solutions through a joint Avanade and Microsoft program, that includes the latest digital twin and AI technologies from Microsoft and industry expertise from Avanade.

Accelerate your time to value

Learn how Avanade Intelligent Digital Twin solutions bring speed to your operations and make a difference to your bottom line – in weeks, not months.

Client stories

See how we’ve used intelligent transformation to accelerate real ROI for our manufacturing clients.

Our Approach

It’s never been more important for manufacturers to optimise production, maximise sustainability and upgrade workers’ skills. Avanade’s approach for addressing these challenges is called Smart Digital Manufacturing.
Through our mix of industry ready solutions, we help manufacturers to bring the factory of the future to life and do what matters.

When outdated operations hinder scalability and speed, Avanade Intelligent Digital Twins help accelerate transformation and time to value, especially relevant for today’s economic and sustainability challenges.

Read this paper to learn more about how our 12–15-week program is delivering results for now.

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