Your guide to remote working for the employers and employees of nonprofit organisations

At Avanade we depend on flexible and remote working every day. And our experience of working with clients from across the globe on modern workplace projects has allowed us to learn a lot about how to adopt it successfully and the most common pitfalls.

During this very challenging time, we wish to support our nonprofit clients in any way we can. These two guides offer practical advice for employees, business leaders and IT leaders.

Download our Guide to Remote Working for the employer, employee and volunteers, to learn how you can harness the maximum potential from remote working to keep you and your business productive and engaged.

We have additionally created a Microsoft Teams Rapid Resource Guide —to enable effective remote working at speed with Microsoft Teams.

The guide covers culture and adoption, flexible collaboration, virtual work environment, and adaptive security, flagging 6 critical components:

  • Setting up a team
  • Working on documents together
  • Working across boundaries
  • Holding effective meetings
  • Hosting town hall meetings
  • Running interactive workshops
  • Organising learning sessions

Finally, download our Microsoft Teams Rapid Deployment Program —which gives you detailed steps to deploy Teams within your organisation in 2 weeks.

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