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Retail customers expect shopping to be dynamic, interactive and social. They are looking for a unified, seamless and personalised shopping experience across all channels. To guarantee success, retailers need to make sure that the journey is as positive as possible.

That goes for both customers and employees. In a recent survey, almost 94% of retailers polled agreed that the employees in their organisations are viewed as a source of workplace advantage. But the majority of retailers have yet to consider or prioritise the proper investment needed to create a workplace environment that will attract and retail talented and engaged employees. Those retail leaders who have a well-planned and executed workplace experience see it as a clear differentiator for them.

To win with both customers and employees requires retailers to incorporate innovation into the very core of their organisation. Whether it’s new technology, process improvements or entirely new business opportunities or partnerships, innovative thinking comes from everywhere: top down, bottom up, inside, outside. And infused in and through all these areas is intelligence. That’s especially clear in areas like intelligent technologies and tools where AI and automation can help retail organisations take digital transformation efforts to the next level.

"It was important for us to update our systems, and we needed a partner who understood and could handle the extent of our digital transformation. For us, it was a learning experience at all levels of the company to grow and find out what it really meant to be process-oriented."

Maja Robertsson Director of Logistic and IT, OKQ8 Skandinavia

The benefits of an end-to-end retail organisational structure

A connected retail experience can increase customer and employee loyalty – not to mention sales. To achieve this, retailers must become what we call Future Ready. Now. This enables you to harness the power of experiences, analytics and innovation to deliver a unified commerce approach to sales, mobility and productivity, as well as optimised interactions between customers and your frontline workforce.

The result should be delighted customers and maximised efficiency.

    Our retail industry solution

    Avanade is a joint venture between Microsoft and Accenture. Our combined industry, strategic and technical expertise means we understand the unique complexities of the retail market.

    We can help you create an intelligent retail experience. We can deliver innovations such as advanced store replenishment, master data synchronisation, assisted selling, next-generation retail management infrastructure, digital marketing, intelligent revenue growth, predictive analytics, and multichannel service and fulfillment.

    Our retail expertise is extensive:

    • We have over 2,400 retail industry professionals.
    • We currently have more than 100 large retail digital transformation projects worldwide.
    • Eleven out of the world’s 40 largest retailers are Avanade clients.
    • More than 700 of our global delivery people are focused on retail.
    • We are well known in the industry for our innovative presence at NRF and other industry events.
    • Avanade's intelligent retail solution enhanced ICA-Roslagstull’s customers’ in-store experience and increased employee efficiency.
    Rethink Retail: The Customer is the Only Channel

    This report offers a structured perspective on why retailers must evolve from channel-centric to customer-centric strategy and operations. It further provides a reference framework to help guide this continually changing transformation.

    Rethink the new realities of retail

    What lies ahead for the future of the retail industry?

    Retail Excellence Playbook

    A new playbook for customer experience and operational excellence in 2021.

    Now is the moment to reimagine the store experience

    Realise the intelligent store with Microsoft and Avanade.

    Experience ICA-Roslagstull’s intelligent retail solution

    Partnering with Avanade, Microsoft and Ombori, ICA-Rostagstull adopted several aspects of Avanade's new Intelligent Store framework.

    Dal-Tile customers enjoy convenience of new online warranty center

    Dal-Tile’s new warranty portal will help the company continue to scale its business while providing customers and retailers with intuitive experiences that make registering for warranties and making claims much quicker, easier and more trackable than before.

    Seattle Goodwill ‘grows up with technology’

    Seattle Goodwill’s retail thrift business had aging business systems comprised of disconnected solutions supported by manual processes. We helped the nonprofit implement a new Microsoft Dynamics-based platform, covering the back office, stores and the warehouses.

    eurotrade elevates its retail operations to increase sales

    We helped consolidate eurotrade's three material management systems to create a common platform for finance and warehouse logistics.

    The Intelligent Retailer

    Provide a seamless experience to customers across all channels.

    Microsoft Cloud for Retail, personalized by Avanade

    Accelerate innovation and realize value faster for online and instore shopping.

    Contactless Commerce

    Start or update your Buy Online, Pick up at Store experience.

    Analytics and AI

    Create the advantage you need for the future-ready business.


    Transforming businesses into digital enterprises, whatever the industry.

    Next steps

    Find out how you can deliver a connected retail experience for your customers.

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