Cloud and application services

Become more agile, innovative and efficient with Avanade’s cloud and application services. 

Do what matters in the cloud

Accelerating your cloud migration to Microsoft Azure will power agility, innovation and efficiency across the business while unlocking more value.

The need for resilience has never been greater. In order to survive and thrive, organisations must find new ways to respond, reset and renew. In the cloud, your infrastructure adapts to your business, allowing you to create new business models at speed and innovate faster than ever.

Whether you’re developing cloud native applications or modernising existing ones, you’ll have the power of the cloud to create better experiences for your customers.

Agile innovation with Azure 

Accelerate your cloud and digital transformation

Increase business agility with our Microsoft cloud solutions

We live in a world of continuous change. To adapt, business leaders see their cloud platform as the key to responding to disruption quickly, getting to market faster and creating new digital business models that solve customer problems and open new opportunities. Being ready is about taking a holistic approach to the evolution of your business. Our approach helps you securely unlock the value of the cloud while leveraging historical investments through application modernisation, maximising the short- and long-term value delivered to your business.

Application modernisation services that optimise business processes

Modernise for increased collaboration, innovation and revenue

Legacy technology and IT systems hold organisations back from achieving efficiency, productivity and agility. These legacy systems can be more expensive to operate and slower to respond to the needs of the business, which hinders speed-to-market and innovation. Avanade’s approach to modernisation focuses on the user experience and creates additional business value. Our modernisation services help you reduce costs, mitigate risks, increase agility and deliver an improved user experience, leading to greater collaboration, productivity and revenue.

Mainframe modernisation services that transform legacy systems

Minimise risk and accelerate value

Organisations reliant on mainframes are well aware of the challenges. Costly to maintain, with an ever-increasing shortage of skills, these monoliths restrict innovation and have a significant negative effect on speed to market. Organisations are looking to transform legacy constraints into future-ready and AI-ready business value with a clearly defined, value-oriented approach to mainframe migration and modernisation. Our market-leading tooling enables us to automate the transformation of legacy code to modern languages, creating flexibility for organisations.

Cloud application development

Benefits of cloud application development

In order to survive and thrive against industry disruptions, your business must be prepared for anything, ready to embrace continual change as you renew and grow. It’s time to rethink applications. You can uncover new opportunities through new business models by creating innovative, human-centred applications at speed. Avanade’s application development experts help you to build custom applications that deliver compelling and engaging experiences. Our Application Managed Services help organisations manage and continually evolve their custom application portfolio and cloud platform at speed and scale.

Modern software engineering for enterprise cloud transformation

Achieve faster time to market

Continuous change is the norm. To adapt and thrive, organisations need to embrace continual change. They need to have the right infrastructure in place to quickly respond in new ways. Avanade helps companies liberate their talent using proven agile and DevOps approaches for software product engineering. Adopting these practices positions you to be prepared for anything as you develop your path to growth. Avanade has guided many companies through change on this scale. We can help you unlock the benefits of digital transformation through modern engineering.

Migration to Azure VMware Solution (AVS)


Are you being impacted by the rising cost of your platform? Switching to Microsoft Azure VMware Solution (AVS) presents a compelling alternative.


Not only does AVS improve the commercials, but it also brings additional benefits like enhanced scalability, robust security, and a strong digital core.


Application managed services

Evolve your app portfolio at speed and scale

Avanade’s Application Managed Services help organisations continually evolve their custom application portfolio and cloud platform at speed and scale. The result? Reduced burden on internal resources, greater return on investment and a business that’s nimble and future-ready. Avanade is well positioned to help you manage and evolve your application portfolio. We are a managed services specialist within the Microsoft technology ecosystem. We combine consultative services with 24x7 ongoing management and support, using a rigorous industrialised operating model.

Client stories

Encory works with Avanade and prioritises a modern workplace experience to attract top talent.
solar panels
Avanade helped Centrica Energy Trading with moving its application estate from its legacy data centre onto the Azure cloud.

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