Solving complex design problems requires user experience (UX) consultants who deliver outcomes at speed, provide internal scale and capability uplift and are a joy to work with.


The Avanade Studio team of Product and Experience Design consultants, known as our Experience Design or XD team, is an emotionally intelligent, driven group of researchers, UX, UI, service, visual designers and content strategists who are fascinated by delivering measurable outcomes for complex challenges faster than any other team in Australia.

We bring energy, enthusiasm and capability to our engagements. We believe in the power of internal teams, we help in setting a pace and in the application of methodologies and capability that leaves organisations in a better place than we found it.

We pride ourselves on being a joy to work with. While measurable quality and velocity are our trademark, we work to ensure that our clients always value the experience of working with our team.

UX benefits that drive business success


User-centric impact


Reduced risk - build the right thing, at the right time


Increased business efficiency


Intuitive and effortless user experiences across all channels


Improved user satisfaction, lead conversion and retention


Capability uplift

Build. Measure. Learn.

We don’t believe in dreaming up ideas that can’t be executed, or in “setting and forgetting”. Using research and data, our UX design team develops strategies and iterates until our clients’ users are satisfied and come back for more.

Testing and hypothesis is key to finding user experiences that matter. As a result, we believe real value comes when we place service and product prototypes in the users’ hands - and then collaborate with our clients to refine and continuously improve.

Our experience design services include:

  • User research: gleaning deep insights from field, lab and contextual studies to understand your user needs and business goals
  • Service design: building solutions that weave user interactions into seamless digital experiences across all digital platforms
  • Content strategy: planning content programs to engage your users with the right messages, at the right time, in the right place
  • Interaction, front-end and visual design: creating high-quality visuals and assets to underpin compelling user experiences
  • Experience technology: ensuring a seamless transfer from design to execution
  • Product design: creating bespoke digital transformation products at scale with velocity

Match fit and ready to go

Our cross-functional team comprises a diverse and experienced group of professionals who bring passion, curiosity and empathy to every engagement.

We’ve worked across industry and business at scale for years and we understand the unique challenges and complexities inherent within different sectors. Our people offer the right fit at the right time and are equally as at home on the tools as they are negotiating complex stakeholder environments.

We offer a comprehensive UX, XD and product design service that includes:

  • More than 750 UX consultants
  • 38 LUMA Human-Centered Design (HCD) practitioners and one facilitator
  • 15+ Digital Innovation Studios around the world

The digital studio

We are Avanade’s Digital Innovation Studio in Melbourne, a full-service agency stemming from an acquisition of Loud&Clear - formerly Australia’s largest independent digital agency - where we established our roots in human-centred design thinking.


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