Who’s in charge of your wireless network? Private wireless, where you’re in charge, enables new services and support for new markets.

Until now, private networks for mobile devices have been cost-prohibitive, pushing most wireless networks into the public sphere. There, enterprises consume public network services from telcos, manage them through their operational technology departments, conform to telco network traffic requirements and accept the service level provided. But thanks to cloud and governmental release of public spectrum, that’s changing.

Gain the benefits of 5G (or “any G”) on your own terms
No matter which generation of wireless - 4G, LTE, 5G or “any G” - works for your organisation, there are clear business benefits to be realised. 5G-enabled industry solutions, combined with Avanade’s public and private network as a service, simplify connectivity across wireless networks to seamlessly integrate data into your systems and improve data security, visibility and business speed.

digital strategy Operational efficiency

Using data in real time enables organisations to improve asset efficiency, respond rapidly to issues and gain the operational benefits of real time mission-critical applications. A globally-connected organisation maximises efficiency through real-time operations and streamlined processes.

digital strategy Increased resilience

Dedicated private 5G networks deliver enhanced security, reliability and scalability. With always and everywhere connectivity reducing latency, organisations that embrace 5G will become significantly more resilient.

digital strategy New business opportunities

Forward-thinking organisations harness the latest technology before their competitors to create new business capabilities and models. 5G networks enable cloud and AI capabilities at the Edge, AI-driven operations and new business opportunities.

Get started with Avanade and the 5G Open Innovation Lab

In addition to improving operational efficiency and business resilience, Avanade can help you to enable new business opportunities and experiences with 5G on your own terms. How? By providing and managing a reliable, secure, fully connected network for your applications, from cloud to edge, and a single point of control across all devices and networks.

Avanade is a founding member of the 5G Open Innovation Lab, a public/private consortium to advance the developer ecosystem at the convergence of 5G + Edge + Intelligent Apps. Avanade clients can leverage our leadership role in the consortium via

  • Executive briefings on private wireless and 5G
  • Startups building next-gen applications
  • Innovation network sandbox for 5G and Edge

5G insights and case studies

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