The momentum for 5G is growing now in part because of the “software-isation” of wireless networks and the resulting lower cost, commoditisation, and promise of faster speeds when businesses need it. Enterprises are taking advantage of many use cases right now, including worker safety, remote inspection, logistics, port work, and telemetry data.

Besides current usage of 5G wireless technology to achieve business outcomes, companies need to prepare beyond 5G to maximise its full business benefits. The concept of "Any-G" emphasises that as mobile technology advances, hyper-scalers like Microsoft are making connectivity a commodity, which will propel companies to take control of their networking solutions.

Avanade – as the world’s leading Microsoft solutions provider – stands ready to help build a customised 5G and beyond future with high performance, low latency, and connectivity anywhere in the world, including remote areas.

Are you taking a bold step towards your Any-G future?

Download a free copy of our Any-G (beyond 5G) report to learn more.

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