Avanade Connected – Allies in the Spotlight Podcast Series

Sandy Abrahams, Managed Service lead at Avanade Australia talks to the best in the industry covering various thought-provoking topics from diversity to tech trends. We are joined by thought leaders across the Avanade eco-system reveal what’s happening behind the scenes to inspire innovation in technology. Through this series we will explore various subjects related to leadership and advances in technology relevant to world we’re living in today and the future.

    Workplace of the future

    Ever wondered if your job will exist in the future or how it will evolve? A gloomy world run by robots and devoid of human contact; or a productive workforce focussed on analytic solutions for customers and employees. Tune in to this podcast to find out what our expert panel from Blue Prism and Avanade have to say about the future of RPA, AI and the collaborative workplace of the future.

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    Sandy Abrahams
    Market Unit Lead, Modern Workplace, Avanade

    Sandy leads the Australian Managed Services business, helping clients focus on their core business while Avanade looks after their technology platforms.

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    Featured Guests



    Dan Ternes
    CTO at Blue Prism

    Dan is a senior IT executive with 25 years’ experience in the enterprise software industry, architecting and evangelising innovative solutions across the RPA, BPM, Integration, Document Management and Big Data spaces.

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    Bosco Lopez
    Intelligent Automation Lead, Avanade

    Bosco leads the Intelligent Automation Practice at Avanade Australia. He is responsible for bringing to clients the latest tools, methodologies and frameworks for successful automation implementations.

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    Allies in the Spotlight Podcast – Episode 1

    Explore diversity and inclusion in the tech ecosystem.


    Together, building winning customer experiences.

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