Ask Avanade Advisory: Innovation made real

Innovation is essential for organisations to remain competitive, but how do you make smart bets on how to invest? Is it better for a company to be a first mover or fast follower? And when innovations show results, how do you scale them across the organisation?

In this podcast, Avanade Advisory Executive Peter Rivera shares guidance on how to drive business value from innovation. Get great tips on how to build a learning culture at your organisation and derive ROI from innovation strategies.

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Elizabeth Ebert
North America Advisory Executive, Avanade

Elizabeth has 30 years of consulting and technology industry experience, including roles in management consulting leadership, business development, and as an industry analyst.


Featured Guests


Peter Rivera
North America Advisory Executive, Avanade

Peter is a respected innovation thought leader, who is frequently asked to share insights in the media and at industry events. Peter has extensive experience driving corporate innovation and leading high-profile digital transformation and product strategy engagements for Fortune 500 companies.


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