Harnessing the power of emerging technologies

Executives worldwide are well aware that technological changes are coming at them at an increasing pace. And they know that the success of their businesses depends in part on wringing maximum competitive advantage from technologies like blockchain, quantum computing, conversational AI, immersive technology, internet of things (IoT) and security and privacy.

What they’re less certain about is how to master that array of technologies and, in particular, if they have the right people and capabilities in place to do so. Muddying matters: They see the newest technologies as more interdependent and thus more challenging to adopt than the technologies of just a few years ago.

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Understanding the opportunities and challenges

These were among the results from the recent Avanade survey of 1,200 executives around the world. Respondents were asked about the opportunities and challenges they see in adopting the most talked-about technologies. Our executive summary provides a look at key findings, combined with our perspective and recommendations about how to make the most of these emerging technologies.

The research underpins our Avanade Trendlines program on emerging trends that impact the design, innovation and technology choices of large organisations.


Keeping pace with emerging technologies

Companies know they need to adopt them, but many aren’t ready.


Emerging technologies, growing challenges

The urgency to adopt new technologies is matched by uncertainty and a lack of talent.


Trendlines: Make smarter bets

Emerging trends that will impact the design, innovation and technology choices of large organisations.


Blockchain’s for real – but is it for you?

Here’s a new way to find out.

Next steps

Learn more about how you can harness the power of emerging technologies.

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