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Protect your employees, keep up with mission-critical service.

Front-line workers who service equipment often rely on experts and colleagues to help them. An effective remote assistance solution enables them to do so from different locations, reducing or eliminating travel completely, and providing employees with a safer work environment. Reliable, integrated technology plus solid implementation expertise is critical to accelerate technician training, adoption and increase success.

Quick Start Remote Assist: How it works

Microsoft Dynamics 365 remote assist

A technician wearing HoloLens relays her view to a remote colleague, who provides guidance in real-time.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Remote Assist enables organisations with Microsoft Teams (video turned on) to share the view of one technician with another. The on-site technician wears a HoloLens mixed reality headset or uses a mobile device to capture a camera view of the equipment at hand. This view is relayed virtually to senior technicians or other colleagues. These remote experts can then provide real-time, contextual guidance back to the on-site technician in the form of video, audio, written annotations, schematics and more through the Teams collaboration platform and the headset/mobile device.

The benefit
The remote expert provides valuable support – from anywhere, including their own home - without being in physical proximity to the other technician nor the equipment being serviced.

We can help you today

Together with Accenture, Avanade offers global experts with deep experience in Microsoft Teams, Microsoft Dynamics, Connected Field Service and Mixed Reality. We provide connected remote working solutions fast, train your technicians and field teams to use them effectively, and help you maintain the solutions for as long as you need so you can focus on the task at hand.

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