The COVID-19 crisis initially meant an explosive demand in basic remote working enablement. There are still substantial rapid response needs, but we’re now seeing clients ask for help with more expansive transformation needs across the intersection of the workplace and the workforce.

Building a more resilient and agile business long term requires organisations to broaden their focus to address workplace culture and employee experience as well as business operations. This holistic approach is central to our Workplace Experience framework, and it can help you find the right workplace and workforce decisions as you rethink how you’ll move forward into the recovery era.

WX is more than just a methodology – it’s the opportunity for real competitive advantage. According to our research, companies in the top 20 percent of WX scores have remained more resilient throughout the crisis, outperforming their peers.

In our new Point of View, we explore the key considerations you’ll need to confront as you look to reclaim control of your workplace strategy from COVID-19. And we walk you through the five steps to achieve a more holistic WX approach, including:

  1. Confirming your future (virtual and distributed) business, workplace and employee experience blueprint and roadmap
  2. Modernising , extending and fully exploiting the workplace technology ecosystem to improve business agility, resilience and ROI
  3. Reconfiguring how work gets done to lower the cost to serve whilst increasing customer centricity and agility
  4. Adapting the workforce and sourcing configuration to align with new ways of working, talent requirements and a revised cost base
  5. Enhancing workplace analytics and insights to remove friction between workplace technology, employee experience and business operations

Discover how you can rethink your workplace and your workforce, to survive and thrive in the new world of work – read the Point of View today.

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