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Avanade’s agile, industry-infused solutions and capabilities enable our clients to quickly drive incremental value at scale, while leveraging modern cloud, data and AI Microsoft technology.

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Avanade's Industry led Solutions and Capabilities

Future of work

Solutions to support how and where work gets done

We can help you build resilience and trust with an AI-powered, future-ready workplace approach that is both holistic, practical and proven. You will be able to respond to relentless change with a strong digital core that empowers your workforce and delivers the agility to reconfigure work with Avanade’s digital workplace solutions. We combine the power of data, artificial intelligence and technology to support a new era for how and where work gets done.

Avanade cloud, data and AI solutions

Modernising cloud, data and AI

Agile and innovative cloud, data and AI services

Organisations that harness the power of AI stand at the forefront of innovation and competitiveness. But to lead in AI requires strong cloud and data foundations. Avanade helps you create a resilient, secure and intelligent digital core with modernised data and connected applications that support innovation and elevate enterprise productivity while providing an agile, future-proof technology infrastructure. The result? Streamlined business operations, personalised customer experiences and decisions that are data driven and impactful.

Avanade cyber resilience solutions

Cyber resilience

Comprehensive and embedded cyber security solutions

Build cyber resilience with Avanade's Microsoft Security services and secure your business against cyber threats today, tomorrow and in the years to come. Companies that prioritise cyber security within their digital transformation programme are “cyber transformers” that tackle immediate security threats and become cyber resilient in the long term. We help you build cyber resilience, prioritising prevention and recovery. Our security journey maps are tailored to your industry and help you elevate your cyber resilience. We provide a holistic approach, based on zero-trust principles through advisory, implementation and managed services.

Avanade Smart manufacturing and products

Smart manufacturing and products

Transform product creation, services and supply chains

Revolutionise how you design, make and use products and services with actionable intelligence to drive sustainable growth through our smart manufacturing solutions. Every industry can benefit from the power of data and AI to become more competitive. We help you address the challenge of rapidly changing customer expectations, global talent shortages, supply chain disruptions and the need to make faster progress towards net-zero operations. Discover how to transform your products, processes, supply and distribution networks, customer experiences, field services organisations and environmental footprint with actionable intelligence through sustainable manufacturing practices.

Avanade Digital Sustainability

Digital sustainability

Industry-infused sustainable digital solutions

With a digitally-driven approach, we help organisations innovate and accelerate their Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) goals. Optimise the deployment of green software and Microsoft Cloud for Sustainability to take smarter sustainability actions and capitalise on digital technologies.


Achieve sustainability and efficiency by managing usage of IT resources 

How resource-aware ecosystems achieve sustainability and business outcomes.

Do you understand your carbon impacts? 

Learn how to measure and assess the carbon footprint of your organisation’s IT estate.

Diversity in sustainability panel

Learn practical actions to move towards a green, prosperous and equitable future.

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