Great customer experiences don’t happen by accident

Building great customer experiences extends far beyond a single website or campaign – it connects across your customer experience strategy, creates interest through design, iterates with data and insights, scales through accelerated technology, and creates excitement for clients and employees alike.

Avanade and Sitecore have been helping clients understand potential benefits to your bottom-line. Create customer experiences that matter.

"We implemented the Sitecore Experience Platform on Microsoft Azure to quickly pass important, high-level tasks through our PDCA (plan–do–check–act) methodology. The overwhelming support of consumers for our sites in such a short time frame is a testament to the efficacy and speed of PDCA."

Kazuya Ishida Business Development Manager, Nippon Express

Get to the practical application of your vision for customer experience

Avanade and Sitecore work with you to build bottom line impact with your customer experience. Sitecore provides a great experience platform and Avanade can help you think end-to-end across your strategy, technology, change enablement, commerce, analytics and more to help you realize your best customer experience yet. We can help you:

  • Build your customer experience strategy, roadmap, and business case.
  • Provide creative UX design connected to your strategy, brand and long-term goals.
  • Convert your old platform to Sitecore starting with a simple POC in just a week!
  • Harness data and analytics with advanced analytics capabilities to accelerate your understanding of your customers and predict behaviour.
  • Connect advanced features of Sitecore Analytics platform to get the most out of your customer experience.
  • Explore Sitecore on Azure or as a managed service to accelerate your time to market and scale.
  • Connect your other back-end systems like CRM, ERP, other marketing tools and more.

Light up the Sitecore Experience Platform

Explore how a 3-times return for your marketing dollar spend is possible with Avanade and Sitecore.

Customer experience can impact your bottom line

Research from Avanade and Sitecore shows the value of compelling customer experiences.

Profit from your customer interactions

Build bottom line impact with your customer experience.

Celebrating award winning customer experiences

Our clients are creating irresistible customer experiences that drive results and win Sitecore Experience Awards.

The results are in the ROI

Avanade and Sitecore can help you earn $3 for every $1 invested in customer experience. Let us show you how you can get there too! Through our Digital Marketing Analytics services, combined with the power of Sitecore xDB, you can connect all your marketing data and connect it to the other back-end systems that matter to you. We can unify your data and then help you ask questions that produce amazing yield to the changes you can make to your customer experience. Get stated with a workshop.

Leverage Managed Services to accelerate your time to market without the overhead of technology management

Avanade and Sitecore help you get back to what matters most – connecting with customers and building your business. If you’re looking for speed, agility and the scale of the cloud, look no further. Avanade’s Digital Marketing Managed Services can help you get to market faster than ever. Our solution takes care of the ongoing, maintenance and run-time upkeep so you can stay focused on satisfying customers and creating lifetime loyalty.

    Sitecore Expertise to help you accelerate your customer experience

    Combining creative and technology expertise at global scale, Avanade helps enterprises improve the digital customer experience and win their digital future. And Sitecore is the global leader in customer experience management. Together, we’re hard to beat.

    With more Sitecore-certified professionals than any other partner and as Sitecore’s first and only Global Platinum Implementation Partner, we know how to get the most from the customer experience management platform. We have:

    • 250 + Sitecore Customers in 21 countries.
    • Delivered more Sitecore implementations on Microsoft Azure than any other provider.
    • 900-plus Sitecore Certified Developers, 11 2017 Sitecore MVPs.
    • More than 1,300 trained Sitecore specialists.
    • Received 17 Sitecore Site of the Year and Experience Awards in the last 4 years!
    • Received the prestigious “Winning Together Award,” partnering with Sitecore, Accenture and TCS.

    Digital banking customer experience

    Banks can earn 5x return on their CX investment.

    Customer experience can impact your bottom line

    Research from Avanade and Sitecore shows the value of compelling customer experiences.

    Digital customer experiences that matter

    Know your customers; create winning experiences.

    Digital retail customer experience

    Create a seamless experience for your retail customers.

    Cricket Australia delights fans

    Harnessing the power of digital to redefine customer experience.

    Nippon Express engages with digital customers

    Avanade helps company leverage the Sitecore Experience Platform.

    AGL gains 29% mobile conversion increase and 40% faster site load time

    Online customer experience enriched via agile with Sitecore, Microsoft Azure.

    Digital Marketing

    Deliver digital customer experiences that build loyalty and enhance your brand.

    Digital Marketing Analytics

    Understand your customers in ways you have never imagined.

    Next Steps

    Find out how we can help you deliver winning end-to-end customer experiences.

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