Segex adopts a new ERP solution to reorganize its management system

Business Situation

To sustain its growth, the mid-sized construction and civil engineering company reorganized its management system and adopted a new ERP solution. This resulted in the group having a 360° view of its activity, the standardization of business processes between its different units, and the centralization of data. In order to help it in its transformation, the group called on Avanade to assist and advise its teams throughout the duration of the project deployment.

"Avanade was chosen following a call for tenders. The company convinced us that we could see our project to fruition with their consultants. On one hand because of their professionalism and on the other because of the methodology employed."

Segex IS Manager


A 360° view of all ongoing projects, standardization of processes within the group’s different entities, database centralization with Microsoft Dynamics AX, the Segex group has extensively restructured its management tools. Every function is now linked within the ERP solution and the slightest change or update systematically impacts the group’s general database. If a sales person enters a sale in the management and monitoring table, the ERP solution immediately and automatically ensures this sale is accounted for in the stock, the sales journal, the general ledger and the income statement. And all of this in real time! This has resulted in the optimization of processes, the reduction in the time spent managing the group’s data and the centralization of information for greater team efficiency.


With Microsoft Dynamics AX, the Segex group has unified all of its processes across all of its entities and has improved the visibility on the profitability of its projects through four major areas:
  • Setting up of a single repository running under Microsoft SQL Server enabling the elimination of errors and double entries;
  • A highly sustainable technical architecture which will support the group over several years within a context of strong growth;
  • Integration of all the identified business processes (and in some cases anticipated) in the context of the initial specifications;
  • Interfacing with the information system’s other software such as that for payroll management.


Segex ERP Case Study

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