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Adachi Gakuen is an all-boys school in Kitasenju, Tokyo, and Japan’s only Microsoft Showcase School at the junior or senior high school level. As its 1,500 students transitioned from remote learning – which was required during the COVID-19 pandemic – back to the classroom, they were asked to submit their temperature readings every morning.

This manual process was time-consuming and cumbersome. In promoting the use of IT tools, Adachi Gakuen faculty began assessing the feasibility of an application for checking and managing student temperature data more efficiently.

“I believe if other teachers are able to use Power Platform, we can improve work efficiencies in many areas to make the school more exciting. It will not just benefit the teachers but will have a ripple effect in many areas.”

Naoki Sugiyama Head of Information, Technology and Home Economics Education, Adachi Gakuen


Adachi Gakuen knew that Microsoft Power Platform could improve efficiency. Avanade led the school in development workshops for business application building and business process automation. Together with the school’s faculty, we built a temperature data application that is easy for anyone to use, regardless of skill set. Students enter their own temperature measurements using Microsoft Forms every morning and their data is transferred to Power Apps via Power Automate.


Three months after the start of the workshops, the beta version of the application launched, enhanced by feedback from teachers, and the app went live a few months later. Teachers appreciate the application and the improved efficiency it delivers. It’s easy to use and, to their delight, workload has been reduced significantly. With previous processes, it took about an hour for teachers to check the data every day, and now it takes only 10 minutes.

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