Global asset management company seeks strategic solution to drive robust collaboration
Global asset management company

Collaboration vision made reality

Global asset management company

Global asset management company wants to make collaboration quicker and easier

Business Situation

How to connect 3,000 high-value, mobile employees separated by subsidiary, country and time zone? Lacking a well-used intranet, document management system or central collaboration tool, a new, strategic solution is required. This global asset management company sought a way to connect its workers for better collaboration.

Avanade Added

Avanade created a cohesive collaborative framework that offers a single, connected global infrastructure, robust search and access tools, a single document repository and standardized processes for document creation, management and storage. Collaboration rates have leaped dramatically.

How it works

Avanade suggested stepping back from a "nuts and bolts" solution to take a longer, strategic view. Avanade interviewed team leads to surface and prioritize needs, then built a three-year road map to improved collaboration. Two years in, the platform and infrastructure are established. Team sites and MySites are thriving, with 80% of workers participating with their team site. Now able to conduct robust searches, share videos, launch microblogs and comment on articles and posts, workers are more engaged--with each other.

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