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Avanade has partnered to provide solutions and services to JTC since 2008. In October 2011, Avanade built and delivered the JTC Real Estate Management (REM) System that drives JTC core business in real estate leasing. With Avanade’s rich expertise of Microsoft and deep understanding of JTC’s complex business process from partnering overtime, Avanade understood arising challenges that JTC faced and were able to provide JTC with innovative solutions that addressed business needs.

More recently, Avanade was awarded a tender by JTC to design, build and deliver an integrated Mobile Inspection App. This iPad application enables JTC Property Executives to perform their daily inspections.


JTC Mobile Inspection App went live in late 2014. For JTC as an organization, the app has helped to ensure that the service level committed to their tenants is being met.

This project has demonstrated how Avanade helped JTC to embark on their Work-Redesign initiative with an innovative solution while addressing their complex business needs.

The Mobile Inspection App built on the Microsoft platform leveraging Xamarin has allowed Property Inspections to take place faster and even remotely. JTC estimates that it will be able to save 1,500 man hours a year. For Property Executives, the man hours saved would translate to more time to attend to other cases or duties.


JTC Mobile

Business Situation

Land in Singapore is scarce. JTC plays an important role of ensuring Singapore land is benefiting the country in the most optimized way possible. Therefore, JTC has a strong vision & strategy to leverage technological advancements to innovate the way property is managed.

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