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Nippon Paint China commenced operations in China in 1992 and committed to latest technologies and superior qualities since then. For years, Nippon Paint remains as the market leader with offerings to beautify peoples’ life.

Business situation: Multiple websites prevent customer insight and personalized experiences

In today’s digital world, customers expect the brands they interact with to understand what they need, know their preferences and serve them in the way they expect. Nippon Paint had set a goal to improve customer experience and gain business value from customer satisfaction through brand consolidation.

The solution: Transformation strategy consolidates sites on a single platform

Avanade took the time to understand Nippon Paint’s business situation and developed a website transformation strategy. Nippon Paint worked with Avanade China to consolidate and integrate their 18 website and 15 WeChat accounts into one platform which create data-rich, personalized, online customer experiences.

Result realized:

Nippon Paint is now able to gain insight into customer behavior and truly understand customer needs and wants. The company now engages more closely with customers by providing deeply personalized offerings to improve the customer experience. The benefits including:

  • Scalability:
    The new web infrastructure is more scalable and can support more daily traffic.
  • Flexibility:
    The new website allows Nippon Paint to adopt more sophisticated marketing strategies to deliver more engaging marketing campaigns.
  • Optimization:
    The leadership team is able to gain an overview of the website’s status. The most telling metric for the site’s success has been an increase in “engagement points”; user actions displaying an active interest, such as sharing, downloading or completing a contact form.

Nippon Paint

Nippon Paint Customer Experience Case Study


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