What do we mean by responsible manufacturing?

Responsible manufacturing, often scoped as environmental, societal and governance (ESG), goes beyond traditional notions of green or sustainability.

As a responsible business, Avanade provides manufacturing solutions using an ESG-aligned framework to broaden the focus beyond environmental sustainability for a holistic approach to responsible manufacturing.

Environmental: Resilience starts at green for go

Sustainability-focused manufacturing solutions are enhancing circular business models, modernizing inefficient operations, addressing continually changing supply chains and accelerating resilient production of sustainable goods and/or services.

Key questions manufacturers are asking

  • Where do I start and/or what do I need to prioritize to improve my green credentials as a manufacturer?
  • What solutions are available to modernize my operations from asset management to production and become more resilient, sustainable and environmentally friendly?
  • How do I track and measure the environmental success of investing in new technologies and what are the tangible business outcomes?
  • How do I deploy new data and AI deep learning solutions to optimize production?
  • What are the timeframes for delivering the path to net zero solutions and modernized resilient operations?

Fully 75% of CEOs say they are investing in digital to address sustainability challenges.

Becoming greener

Societal: Empowered people drive change

To ensure that manufacturers have the necessary production capabilities and positive working environments to attract and retain the best workers and address the demands of today’s consumers, they need to enhance digital skills, ethical working practices and workplace safety.

Key questions manufacturers are asking

  • What are the leading technologies that can help me improve employee well-being and engagement?
  • What KPIs do I need in order to positively change my manufacturing workplace and workforce?
  • What are the key technologies I should invest in to become a more responsible manufacturer to attract and retain the best resources?
  • What solutions are available to help me collaborate better from the shopfloor to the top floor and across my partner/supplier ecosystem?
  • How do I ensure that ethical standards and unbiased behaviors are maintained when using new AI-based technologies?

57% of manufacturing leaders feel their organization lacks skilled workers to support smart manufacturing digitization plans.

Empowering manufacturers

Governance: Compliance at scale needs agility

Factors such as corporate social responsibility; executive orders for secure, sustainable and resilient supply chain management; and industry regulations require manufacturers to have the flexibility to renew and grow with the needs of today’s society.

Key questions manufacturers are asking

  • How do I integrate new technologies to accelerate transformation and agility in my organization and address the needs of today’s consumer?
  • How can I address the need to incorporate production and/or supply chain regulations on a regular basis?
  • What solutions are available to securely scale my organization across my core operation, supplier and partner ecosystems?
  • How can we implement a culture of positive change to improve our corporate social responsibility ratings to help us differentiate and attract and retain the best talent?

By 2025, 90% of Global 2000 companies will mandate reusable materials in IT hardware supply chains, carbon neutrality targets for providers' facilities, and lower energy use as prerequisites for doing business.

Agility for governance at scale


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