Define what matters

There is no end point for AI readiness – it’s an ongoing journey

Drive faster and improved business value with Avanade Advisory

How do you turn ambitious goals into practical actions? Challenge the status quo to grow? Empower your people for change? At Avanade Advisory, we partner with you to pragmatically solve problems and evolve your digital enterprise transformation through the power of people and the Microsoft ecosystem.

Be more flexible in the face of continual change

Organizations need to be able to rapidly cut through complexity and show impact. We enable you to quickly identify practical actions to make your organization achieve more with less. Learn more about how to drive business value in as little as 4 weeks.


AI Readiness

AI Readiness

Ready your organization and people

Become and remain AI-first with a multidisciplinary approach spanning business and IT dimensions.

AI Governance

AI Governance

Evolve your governance for AI

Programmatically manage and mitigate AI risks across functions with a robust Responsible AI framework.


Value Realization

Advisory Value Realiization

Make your investments work harder

Realize more value and unlock innovation potential using existing platform and Microsoft technology investments.

Data Monetization

Advisory Data Monetization

Turn your data into opportunities

Evaluate your ability to adapt to ongoing change and determine the necessary steps to be prepared for change.


Continual Change

Advisory Continual Change

Break down internal siloes

Develop a plan and improve skills to make your data-driven businesses more successful and generate new income, while transforming traditional business practices.

Digital Culture

Advisory Digital Culture

Help your employees become digitally savvy

Create a digitally-driven culture by teaching your employees to use technology effectively, through coaching, learning and collaboration to meet your organization's objectives.


Sustainability Quick-start

Advisory Continual Change

Meet your ESG goals and drive innovation

Achieve your sustainability ambitions by rapidly prioritizing practical actions and scaling new innovations based on insights generated from the Microsoft Cloud for Sustainability and other data sources.

Do what matters. Define what matters.

At Avanade Advisory, we’re here to help you define what matters, so you can make the most of your investments and consistently demonstrate business value through continual change.
Advisory Driving Transformation

Driving transformation

"Avanade has been a great partner. We work in tandem with them…They understand the transformation we’re trying to drive."
Darren Person
Global Chief Information Officer, The NPD Group

Client Stories

Imagine what’s possible, break through conventions and realize untapped potential.

Our pragmatic approach

Focusing on what matters is critical to surviving and thriving in this world of continual change. Each Avanade Advisory practice brings specialist expertise to help you build organizational change management strategies required to define what matters.

Our thinking

Explore how technologies and emerging trends can be applied to help your business realize results.


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