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Service businesses need to design, manage and control operations, budgets, staffing and execution, and provide visibility over the entire process. Without this visibility, you can’t produce the timely and accurate information you need to consistently drive customer satisfaction – not to mention profitability.

The right enterprise resource planning (ERP) approach can create the transparency your service company requires. Avanade’s ERP for Service Industries can help you control projects, tasks and engagements more effectively, and respond more nimbly to customer demands.

“Avanade has helped solve a global business issue for Sodexo. We now have an exemplary two-tier ERP deployment, adapted for linguistic and regional variations, and our local team are very satisfied. On top of ERP TCOP savings, the key operational and financial benefit is an indicative two percent saving in supply chain costs – this makes a big difference to our bottom line.”

Vincent Ribet VP, Business Coordination and Engagement for Large Projects, Sodexo

Real-time benefits

Our solution provides a single, integrated view of your organization. Our powerful services resource planning (SRP) tool allows you to optimize the management of projects, time, equipment and employees. It provides accurate data at the right time, improving project and task management and reducing costs. And it enables you to allocate resources when and where they’re needed.

Optimizing project cost management

Avanade Professional Services Add-on enhances Microsoft Dynamics AX capabilities.

Keep projects on time and on budget

Integrated platform for architectural, engineering, construction firms.

Tridel streamlines systems and empowers customers with Microsoft Dynamics AX and CRM

Condominium builder streamlines systems and empowers customers.

Ready-to-go delivery

Avanade ERP for Service Industries is built on the powerful Microsoft Dynamics AX platform. It offers ready-to-go capabilities for a broad range of service industry organizations, including: consultancies, accountants, law firms, architecture practices, engineering and construction businesses, real estate companies, IT services providers, media and entertainment firms, and advertising and marketing agencies.

Get results fast

RapidResults for Service Industries is our ERP implementation program for service organizations – delivering more value, faster, with less risk and for less cost. Our proven approach bridges the gap between business and technology, by using best-practice business processes.

Download the factsheet to learn more.

Our global ERP expertise

As a joint venture between Microsoft and Accenture, Avanade is well positioned to implement ERP projects across the globe:

  • Together with Accenture, we're the world's largest Microsoft Dynamics AX - Dynamics 365 for Operations partner.
  • We’ve completed ERP projects for more than 500 clients worldwide.
  • We have over 1,200 ERP experts – many with the highest levels of Microsoft certification.
  • We’re a Select Partner in Microsoft’s Industry Partner Program for Service Industries.

Legally bound

Why ERP is part of the solution for the legal industry’s IT challenges.

Perfecting the pivot: Agile adaptation

Develop an environment of measurement, transparency, and rapid, fact-based decision-making.

Perfecting the pivot: Client expansion

Grow existing client relationships and new client revenue.

Airbus modernizes with ERP solution

Dynamics AX aids in managing complex, large-scale projects.

Canadian Red Cross implements Dynamics AX to improve service

Interview with Almin Surani, CIO, Canadian Red Cross

Next steps

Find out how our ERP expertise can help your service organization improve operations.

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