What do your customers want?

Coming up with killer ideas is one thing; making them happen is another challenge altogether.

Our User Experience (UX) Design team creates compelling solutions that meet your customers’ demands. We take time to understand exactly what makes your business tick – and what your customers want from the digital experiences you offer. And we work with you to build creative, customer-centric platforms that will transform your business.

"In the future, all companies will be experience and technology companies. Our creatives and technologists work side by side together and with our clients to create rich, intuitive and high-performing user experiences."

Jason Hunt Global Digital Innovation Studios Lead, Avanade

Benefits that drive business success

Our experience design solutions give you:

  • Customer-centric organizational culture
  • Rich, personalized and engaging customer experiences
  • An intuitive and effortless user experience across all channels
  • Improved customer satisfaction, retention and loyalty
  • High-impact business results including increased sales and revenues

Avanade acquires Loud&Clear

Creates its first digital innovation studio in Asia Pacific


Extraordinary experiences by design

Introducing the London Digital Studio


London Digital Studio

Driving digital transformation with a design-led approach

Our approach carries through from concept to maintenance

We continually push ourselves to go bigger and better, working with you from concept to delivery, and through to ongoing improvement, measurement and maintenance.

We don’t believe in dreaming up ideas that can’t be executed, or in “setting and forgetting” the solutions we create. We get to know you, and we involve you in an iterative process of building solutions that put your customers at the heart of what you do.

Our services include:

  • User research: gleaning deep insights from field, lab and contextual studies to understand your customer needs and business goals
  • Content strategy: planning content programs to engage your customers with the right messages, at the right time, in the right place
  • Service design: building solutions that weave customer interactions into seamless digital experiences across all digital platforms
  • Interaction design: creating high-quality visuals and assets to underpin compelling customer experiences
  • Experience technology: ensuring a seamless transfer from design to execution

Diverse UX expertise

It’s been proven time and again that diversity promotes innovation. Our UX team brings together the brightest minds in the industry, from a wide variety of backgrounds and perspectives. This combination of world-class creative and tech talent will work with you to transform your customer experiences.

Our UX practice has completed hundreds of successful customer experience platforms for dozens of organizations across industries such as oil and gas, utilities, automotive, aerospace, manufacturing and retail. Our UX practice includes:

  • More than 750 UX professionals
  • 38 LUMA Human-Centered Design practitioners and one facilitator
  • 15 Digital Innovation Studios around the world
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