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As the emergence of artificial intelligence and other advanced technologies reshapes the workforce, Avanade has become a patron of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology Center for Information Systems Research (MIT CISR) to help organisations get ready for the future faster.

Our approach: Helping organisations enable their digital workers and get ready for the AI-first world

A recent global survey of business executives by Avanade found that implementing digital and AI technologies to augment the productivity potential of the human workforce will be critical for companies to remain relevant in their market beyond 2020. Avanade has worked with hundreds of clients across the world to help them develop innovation strategies and implement digital tools and processes that optimise both the employee and customer experience.

Avanade’s digital transformation and human-centered innovation expertise aligns closely with the research focus areas of MIT CISR, notably digital business design, employee experience, data and analytics, and cognitive computing.

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Avanade joins the MIT Center for Information Systems Research to bring insights and expertise to clients ahead of the market

Multi-year investment will help companies enable their digital workers and accelerate their readiness for the emerging AI-first world.

Break through the productivity plateau

Intelligent automation is changing the workforce. How will it affect you and your employees?

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