To achieve digital transformation at scale, you need to unlock the value of all your data. Avanade helps clients implement master data management (MDM), an approach to ensure business data is consistent, unified, cleansed and de-duplicated. With MDM, you can merge data sources while ensuring data is trustable, high-quality, and ready-to-use in high-value use cases.

Together with Profisee and Microsoft, Avanade offers a comprehensive MDM solution. It integrates alongside Azure Purview helps you manage and govern your on-premises, multi-cloud, and software-as-a-service (SaaS) data.

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Avanade works with industry-leading clients to accelerate cloud migration and data modernisation. Our solutions help organisations increase revenue, reduce costs, and manage complexities. Our approach aims to create a complete data value chain, across an organisations’ technologies and processes, to improve the quality, consistency, and accessibility of your entire data ecosystem

Our data governance and MDM solutions help organisations build both the framework and guardrails for their enterprise-wide data management and data quality initiatives. With a data governance framework in place, decision-makers can be more confident in the insights garnered from higher-quality data sets.

Our global data and analytics expertise

Avanade was founded as a joint venture between Microsoft and Accenture. We’re a leading integrator and innovator of Microsoft data and analytics solutions. We have:

How Purview and Profisee work together

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