Sustainability is core to doing business

Our world faces extraordinary challenges that threaten our future. Organisations are expected to play an active role in addressing these issues in the way they treat the environment, resources and people. Avanade has set ambitious goals to fulfill our own environmental, societal and governance (ESG) commitments by 2025.

To renew and grow through continual change, organisations need to become more inclusive, responsible and sustainable to remain resilient and diversify revenue streams across ecosystems securely.

We’re passionate about working with clients and partners around the world to make sustainability core to doing business. We help organisations use digital to contribute to the sustainability of the planet and people, but also reduce operating costs, innovate new business models and improve brand reputation.

Research and Insights

Ensuring a sustainable future for local wildlife

SSE Renewables uses AI to monitor protected species.

Rethink Sustainability

Read our guide to make sustainability core to how you do business.

PWN jumpstarts its digital transformation with move to Microsoft Azure

As part of its digital transformation, PWN wanted to move its key business applications from its hosting partner to the Microsoft Azure environment.

Avanade Environmental Responsibility Policy

We’re committed to incorporating environmental policies into our strategy and operations.

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Next steps

To renew and grow through continual change, sustainability must be core to how you do business. Contact us to rethink sustainability with digital.

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