Avanade worked with SATS ELIXIA to implement a cloud strategy.

Business Situation

SATS ELIXIA owns and operates more than 160 fitness centres for 435,000 members throughout Norway, Sweden and Finland. To continue to grow the business without having to grow the IT infrastructure, the company adopted a cloud strategy. First up: getting email and related Microsoft Office infrastructure to the cloud. 

''We’re in business to help members get and stay physically fit—not to grow our IT infrastructure. Avanade showed us how to use Office 365 to support business growth without IT growth."

Arvid Johansson CIO, SATS ELIXIA


The company turned to Avanade, who moved SATS’s 4,200 employees to Microsoft Office 365 in just three months. In addition to Exchange Online for email, SATS uses Lync Online for web conferencing and SharePoint Online for its intranet, interoperating with Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online as a line-of-business membership app. The Office 365 suite offers many more features that SATS are evaluating and enabling continuously (such as Yammer for enterprise social capabilities, etc.).


SATS’s adoption of Office 365 has already paid off twice, first by increased availability and reliability of email services, and second when the company did a merger with the gym club Elixia, which added 2,800 employees to SATS’s roster. Avanade helped SATS to add the Elixia employees to Office 365 in just 45 days. And because SATS doesn’t manage email on-premises, it didn’t need more IT staff, avoiding the cost of at least four IT pros. The company maintains a lean IT shop, and spends its funds on enhancing customer service.


SATS ELIXIA Office 365 Case Study

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