Avanade and Trebuchet execute an IT Mobilization plan for Enterprise Resource Planning


Avanade was able to provide a rapid IT mobilization plan within a structured but agile delivery in a volatile environment, and against the tight financial constraints of a joint-venture.

Also as Avanade is able to provide managed support services, Trebuchet’s business will continue to be supported and assisted into the future with a consistent support capability across both the Nordic, Australian operations, and beyond.


Trebuchet Case Study

Business Situation

​The challenge for Trebuchet in expanding their operations to Australia, was how best to deploy their Nordic systems to a distant geography, in a different business environment, while maintaining the integrity of the business processes and solution that had worked so well for their business there.


As an experienced systems integrator, Avanade was also able to add value by advising on options for the project that would achieve better outcomes.

In a truly collaborative approach, they selected an architecture that maintained the core Dynamics AX platform of Trebuchet’s Nordics business and allowed for localizations to be built and system improvements to be retrofitted to their Nordic operating systems. Avanade’s solution also utilised a more adaptable integration tool to exchange data between Trebuchet, its clients, clients customers and Trebuchet selected 3PL suppliers.

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