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It’s a whole new world for energy providers. Your customers are demanding more from the industry. It’s not enough for you to just process bills and collect fees. Customers expect an interactive relationship, one that includes real-time issue resolution and communication with field crews. That means breaking down the internal silos that prevent a complete view of customer information and using technology to create a culture that serves your customers.

From personalized service to smart, connected energy infrastructure, digital technology solutions are redefining the nature of your business and transforming how you engage customers, manage assets and empower employees.

“PacificLight Energy now has the necessary IT system in place to support our primary objective to provide our customers with flexible pricing plans that meet their needs along with first-class customer service. Avanade has helped to make this happen by ensuring the deployment was done on time and within budget.”

Geraldine Tan General Manager, PacificLight Energy Pte Ltd

Deliver benefits for your customers

We work with a wide range of clients across the energy industry, helping them implement capital discipline, extract hidden value, equip the workforce and establish flexible operational models. Our energy and utilities industry solutions encompass master data and process automation, big data and analytics, artificial intelligence, virtual and augmented reality, internet of things, liquid workforce, blockchain and learning gamification.

We help you engage with customers by delivering experiences that increase trust and loyalty, decrease service costs and open up new revenue streams. Together, we can determine which channels to use, when to use them and how to seamlessly integrate interactions to deliver the right customer experience.

Don’t forget your workforce

The current wave of downsizing and retirements in the industry gives energy and utilities producers an additional reason to turn to technology and IT services for the energy industry. It can be key to attracting and supporting a modern workforce, providing employees with the necessary tools to gain the right insights at the right time on the right device using an ERP digital transformation platform.


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Whether it’s due to a global disruption or part of a wider employee experience initiative, businesses across the world must rethink their approach to the workplace and embrace greater flexibility.


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Safe and sound

Secure sharing using Avanade Transaction Management Services.


Our billing solution

Next-generation billing capabilities for the digital age.

The right expertise to deliver success

Every day, customers switch utility and energy providers for more convenience, flexibility and savings. We can help you succeed in this ultra-competitive market with Avanade’s energy industry solutions.

Avanade is a joint venture between Microsoft and Accenture. We combine innovative Microsoft technologies with Accenture’s industry best practices to deliver digital solutions for energy and utilities providers.

  • We have partnerships with key providers of industry-specific digital tools, including leading billing solution MECOMS.
  • We implemented mobile solutions, web services and enterprise portals for 5,000 employees at one utility.
  • We processed over 1 million smart grid customer inquiries for a single utility.
  • We implement the latest Microsoft operating system and server technologies for renewables providers.
It’s time for the water sector to tap into data

Simon Turner, CTO of Data & AI for Avanade UKI, discusses discovering new ways to tap into, analyse and utilise data.

The digital innovator that delivers a fluid customer experience

Ben Morgan, Avanade’s European Digital Marketing Lead believes putting customers at the heart of service delivery is critical if water companies are going to achieve their goals and targets.

SSE Renewables launches digital ventures team

Avanade launched a new digital ventures team to help SSE Renewables with their field services application, automated monitoring and better connected technology.

EDF Hinkley Point C confidently moves its sensitive data and applications into the cloud

Avanade advisory develop the implementation strategy and prioritize the applications for migration for EDF.

Centrica Trading credited with an industry-first migration to the cloud

Avanade helped Centrica Energy Trading with moving its application estate from its legacy data center onto the Azure cloud.


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