Jumpstart your frontline journey

Despite their pivotal role, frontline workers have historically been largely overlooked during digital transformation efforts. That means they’re often disconnected from other teams and the wider company – blighted by outdated, obsolete tools and processes which result in inefficient communication and collaboration.

As a result, organisations across the globe are facing an extensive list of frontline work challenges today. It’s time to change that – and to deliver experiences that benefit both the worker and the bottom line.

But evolving frontline work depends on much more than rolling out apps or devices – it requires an end-to-end transformation, rethinking core work processes, renewing your employee experience and culture, and modernising your workplace technology ecosystem.

We call this Workplace Experience (WX) and when done right, it helps your organisation generate sustainable business value and harness the full growth potential from your frontline workforce.

It’s time to rethink frontline work

Our Workplace Experience solutions enable organisations to address their frontline work challenges:

  • Smart connected worker
    Create new sources of revenue and safety while transforming the experience for workers who directly or indirectly deliver experiences, products and services to your customers.
  • Intelligent industry transformation
    Transform what, how and why work is done. Use technology to open new sources of growth, evolve business operations, elevate customer experience and improve productivity by taking a holistic approach to workplace experience.
  • Next-generation employee experience (EX)
    Thrive in the great reshuffle era, by transforming and simplifying your EX. Talent attraction, retention and reskilling are all key business priorities – now is the time to embrace a holistic EX transformation to drive competitive advantage and growth for the organisation.
  • Workplace managed services
    Drive more business value, improve employee and user experiences and open up innovation opportunities with our manage and evolve approach to workplace managed services.

Our new frontline work guide explores how you can embrace WX to empower field-based or customer-facing employees and introduce a truly people-first approach to work. Learn more – read the guide today.


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