Modernise and evolve your workplace technology

The pandemic has catapulted IT from ‘being a partner’ to ‘being the business’. Organisations are now focused on accelerating their journey to cloud, new growth initiatives such as acquisitions, the integration of physical and digital workplaces and the increased demand for superior customer and employee experiences.

We help organisations across the globe to envision, design, manage and enhance their modern workplace platform in a way that generates sustainable business value. Our deep platform expertise and holistic workplace approach – what we refer to as Workplace Experience (WX) – ensures we’re ideally positioned to reduce risk from cloud-based evergreen workplace platforms and unlock the full value of workplace investments.

"This project was a combination of technical know-how and kicking open the door. When we’re in high-pressure situations where we need to do something impossible, we turn to Accenture and Avanade."

Alexander Min CIO, Jacobs Douwe Egberts

How we help organisation to evolve their workplace ecosystem

As part of a holistic WX framework, our workplace platform modernisation solutions enable you to address immediate imperatives, such as protecting against emerging cyber security threats, while also supporting evolving ways of working to drive increased business value:

  • Workplace technology modernisation
    Continue to modernise your Microsoft ecosystem taking advantage of cloud services at scale, integration of physical/digital/virtual workplace technologies, new devices, analytics and robotics.
  • Workplace applications and Microsoft Teams solutions
    Leverage your investment in Teams and Power Platform to optimise experiences and applications. Reduce mundane, repetitive tasks and inefficiency through process and workflow automation.
  • Modern workplace security
    Holistic and comprehensive Microsoft security programs identify risks and provide guidance on how to address and mitigate cybersecurity risks, meet compliance requirements and secure data.
  • Mergers, acquisitions and divestments
    Accelerate time to value for newly formed corporate organisations by rapidly consolidating M365 environments. Ensure that the workforce is connected, able to share information and is building a single corporate identity.
  • Hybrid endpoint solutions
    Focus on procuring and evolving modern device management solutions for your hybrid working strategy. Enable your workforce to work from home, whilst on the move and at site with a single, flexible architecture delivering applications, performance and security, based on individual employee roles.
  • Workplace managed services
    Drive more business value, improve employee and user experiences and open up innovation opportunities with our manage and evolve approach to workplace managed services.

Learn more about how we can help you manage and evolve your workplace technology ecosystem – talk to our team today.


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