Are you ready for the upgrade to Microsoft Teams?

Microsoft is the recognised leader in unified communications solutions for business and is leading the way - by upgrading Skype for Business with Microsoft Teams.

Microsoft Teams builds on Skype for Business to provide intelligent collaboration with access to telephony, video and web conferencing, messaging and meetings as well as content management. It also opens new possibilities, including the ability to redesign experiences, services and processes.

Many of our clients are making the move to Teams but if you use Skype for Business, how do you decide if Teams is right for you?

Whatever stage of the journey you are on, Avanade can help you to:

  • Assist you with planning your roadmap and approach and things to consider with the Teams Adoption Workshop
  • Explore deployment of specific components of Teams to add collaboration to an existing Skype for Business environment
  • Navigate complex interoperability needs
  • Deploy Teams entirely to replace your Skype for Business environment

Whether you’re exploring or upgrading, we provide services for every aspect, from vision and strategy to deployment, adoption and managed services.

Real-world results

The combination of Skype for Business and Avanade’s expertise can help you achieve your goals for cloud productivity. We have successfully implemented some of the largest and most complex enterprise deployments of Skype for Business. Consider these examples:

  • We helped Police Mutual transform service delivery and enable a more engaged workforce with Skype for Business.
  • We helped Accenture unify communications for over 340,000 people and cut audio conferencing cost by 83%.

Global expertise in modern workplace solutions

Avanade is recognised as the largest Skype for Business partner by volume and have been Microsoft Partner of the Year for 18 years

We have:

  • Designed deployments for more than 1 million seats of Skype for Business, including one of the world’s largest installations of Skype for Business for enterprise voice.
  • Deployed more seats of Office 365 across Exchange, SharePoint and Skype for Business than any other Microsoft partner.
  • Achieved No. 1 status in certifications for deploying and administering Office 365.
Your guide to Microsoft Teams

Find out how Teams can help to deliver a great workplace experience.

Workplace Experience

Redefine the workplace as a creator of sustainable business value.

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