Design + Insight + Technology = Avanade

By 2017, 89% of companies expect customer experience to be their primary basis for competitive differentiation1. Failing to meet customer expectations in a digital world means losing customer loyalty, revenue, profitability and facing extinction. For example, it takes 12 positive experiences to repair the damage caused by a single unresolved negative one2.

Thus, companies who truly know their customers’ preferences and behaviors and get the experience right will win. Avanade can help you across the following:

  • Design: We take the art of the possible, combined with strategy, innovation, and agency flexibility to help you create experiences neither you or your customers have ever imagined.
  • Insight: We help you gain insights from all your data so you can know your customers deeply and personalise their interactions with your brand.
  • Technology: Our industrialised platforms free you to focus on customer experience instead of technology management all @ scale and @speed.
  • Read our overview, Digital Customer Experiences that Matter.

1. Gartner – Customer Experience Emerges as the Marketers Next Battlefield, Jake Sorofman, October 2015 
2. Forbes – Customer Experience is the future of Marketing – Daniel Newman, Oct 2015
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