IT is changing – will you adapt?

Discover how the changing role of IT could benefit your business.

How will IT influence future technology decisions?

As digital dominates, departments other than IT are taking greater control of technology decisions and IT spend. What does this shift to “IT without boundaries” mean for the traditional technology function?

To find out, Avanade surveyed over 1,000 global business and IT leaders. Our research revealed that despite tension between IT and the broader business, new opportunities are also emerging.

Enterprises embracing this technological shift are seeing their IT team become strategic advisers to the business who help drive the success of the organisation.

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Key findings: Changing role and new skills for IT

Our study highlights the emergence of a new “services broker” model for IT, with consultancy as its core responsibility. The research finds that:
  • 37 percent of technology spending now occurs outside IT.
  • 79 percent of C-level executives believe they can make better and faster technology decisions without the involvement of IT.
  • 35 percent of IT departments have already shifted toward a services broker model.
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Learn more about our “IT without boundaries” research and how the findings apply to your business.

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