The need for speed

Formula One racing is all about speed. Speed is also at the heart of our partnership with Williams Martini Racing. Together, we’ve accelerated the way the Williams team uses technology to realize business goals across the organization.

Avanade maintains this strategy for every project or decision. This ensures that IT doesn’t act as a filter that stops people from having access to the resources they need to digitally enhance the way they work.

“We didn’t think anyone could build our new website in the time frame we needed. But the Avanade team delivered. We didn’t expect to be able to deploy our new apps for the season’s first race. But thanks to the power of Avanade global delivery network, we had them ready."

Graeme Hackland CIO, Williams Martini Racing

Results: Avanade helps Williams race off the track

Avanade is accustomed to clients that want business results fast. But when the client in question is a world-renowned Formula One racing organization, “fast” takes on a whole new meaning.

That was the situation facing Avanade when it was engaged by Williams Martini Racing to help the company implement a wide-ranging technology vision. The partnership began on Jan. 1, 2015, and Williams wanted its first technology projects to be ready to launch for the first race of the season – just three months later.

Results came quickly:

Williams app mines data for real-time insight

Unlocking the value of data to improve tire optimization.

Avanade helps Williams race off the track

Global Delivery Network delivers fast results for Formula One team.

Williams saves 300 hours per year with safer, more effective process for wind-tunnel testing.

Safer, more effective process for wind-tunnel testing brings savings.

Delivering on a global scale

To assemble a team with the precise combination of design, development, business analyst, Sitecore and SharePoint skills that Williams needed, we tapped into our Global Delivery Network (GDN).

Avanade’s GDN consists of more than 20,000 professionals with 24,000 certifications in Microsoft technologies. Located in 22 Delivery Centers around the world, the GDN has been in operation for more than 10 years, and is a trusted adviser to more than 500 clients.

The in-depth experience of the Avanade GDN, combined with the close collaboration enabled by our processes and tools, resulted in quick results for Williams.


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