Deliver safety and durability with assisted reality

Your guide to a reality-first, digital-second field service experience

Many organizations are now using immersive technologies to guide and assist their field service workers in performing complex activities faster and with more precision. However, for those in more high-risk service situations, these devices may not always be safe or convenient in the field.

For an in-depth look at assisted reality, an emerging technology that offers a middle ground, check out the resco.Inspection eBook. You'll discover how our non-intrusive new mobile tool, developed in partnership with Resco and using the RealWear HMT-1 headset, merges the physical and virtual worlds while preserving the safety and flexibility of your field technicians. Features include:
  • Hands-free access to checklists, guides, inspection assistance and data entry
  • Automatic syncs from fieldwork to your company’s CRM system
  • Full integration with Microsoft Dynamics 365

Download the assisted reality ebook now.

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