Helping young people achieve more

Avanade has a mission to enable young people to achieve more through the power of our people and digital innovation. This mission has led to our signature partnership with Junior Achievement.

Through our partnership with Junior Achievement we support the development of youth skills for the digital era in order to help equip the future workforce. We have collaborated with Junior Achievement (JA) since 2016, supporting JA programs to teach young people -- the business leaders of the future -- about the world of technology, leadership and entrepreneurship.

“In a moment of global crisis, where the education of the next generation is interrupted, there are two ways in which you can respond. Either as an individual organization or through a collective response. The latter is more powerful, which is why working together with Avanade and Microsoft we have been able to transform the life of youth by embracing rapid digital transformation. Together we have delivered a much greater impact for our key beneficiaries, the leaders of tomorrow.”

Salvatore Nigro CEO, JA Europe

Junior Achievement Europe’s Enterprise Challenge is saved by going digital for the first time

Junior Achievement is dedicated to preparing millions of young people for employment and entrepreneurship. Every year, JA Europe’s flagship event is the Enterprise Challenge, which brings together student start-up companies from across Europe to present what they’ve created to a panel of business leaders and judges for awards that recognize innovation. When the COVID-19 pandemic threatened the live event’s survival, JA Europe partnered with Avanade and used Microsoft Teams to transform the Enterprise Challenge into a virtual experience.


Dr. IV Start Up Wins Avanade Digital Innovation Award 2020

Dr. IV, a JA start-up from Greece, has won the 2020 Avanade Digital Innovation Award, part of this year’s JA Enterprise Challenge run by JA Europe.


Avanade becomes JA WW’s Global Technology Partner

In acknowledgement of our partnership, JA Worldwide has recognized Avanade as its Global Technology Partner.


High school students in NY get a lesson in personal brand

Pam Maynard and her Executive Committee participates in a workshop arranged by Junior Achievement New York.


Avanade Digital Innovation Award Winners

Meet the Bevine entrepreneurs, winners of the Avanade Digital Innovation Award, at the JA Europe Enterprise Challenge.

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