ABN AMRO embraces DevOps to continually give employees cutting-edge digital workplace tools

Business Situation

ABN AMRO is an enterprising, multi-national bank based in the Netherlands, serving clients in the retail, private and corporate banking sectors.

Having recently completed its Microsoft 365 platform migration, ABN AMRO wanted to make sure it was making the most of its investment and empowering its employees with all of the latest digital workplace tools and features. The bank recognized that to do this, it needed a clear, continuous view of what's new or what updates to embrace on the Microsoft 365 platform – an effort that could become a burden on its resources. ABN AMRO turned to Avanade to help provide end-to-end support with expert configuration and intelligent monitoring.

“We are very satisfied with the cooperation over the past year and a half. We are looking forward to a new period in which we say goodbye to the traditional outsourcing of IT support and will work towards a true DevOps partnership for our Microsoft 365 products and services.”

Herman Hellenberg Head of Digital Workplace - Products, ABN AMRO BANK N.V.


Avanade is accelerating the bank’s digital agenda on the Microsoft platform, helping to continually evolve its Microsoft 365 application and infrastructure at speed and scale. Our proprietary tools for managing Microsoft 365, which include our Migration Factory, Microsoft 365 scanner and other automated administrative applications, will improve efficiency and keep costs low. Our support helps ensure the bank’s platform stays evergreen so employees can exploit the latest capabilities and security features.

This DevOps way of working is part of ABN AMBRO’s overall workplace culture change, known across the bank as the “Apollo” strategy. Our Microsoft technology expertise and capabilities, as well as ABN AMRO’s trust in our dedicated local and offshore DevOps teams, are key to ensuring a more agile way of working at the bank. In fact, DevOps has become the gold standard for what’s possible across the enterprise.

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