AC-Motoren is fit for the digital future

Business Situation

AC-Motoren GmbH (ACM) has been successfully operating in the market for 20 years and has firmly established itself in the three-phase asynchronous motors segment with a market share of around 10 percent. Its unique selling point is its ability to deliver the exactly motors to the specifications and quantities that customers need. At ACM, 47.5 tons of engines go over the ramp every day, which is equivalent to eight African elephants. In order to realize this throughput, ACM must perfectly control a stock of around 150,000 electric motors, a production for custom-made products and all processes for purchasing, manufacturing, shipping and administration. In response, the company chose Avanade as its partner to manage the implementation of its ERP system.

“We have realized an ERP solution that is exactly tailored to our needs."

Axel Schwab Project Manager ERP Sales, AC-Motoren GmbH


During the course of the project, the Avanade professionals mastered challenges such as importing around 6,000 pieces of data that were not of the required quality in the old system. The implementation team had to view, review, supplement and transfer this data individually or in groups. After the data was migrated, the entire team completed all operational processes in Microsoft Dynamics, laying the foundation for sustainable efficiency improvements.


Since the introduction of Dynamics, ACM is now fit for the digital future and the new system gives the manufacturer the confidence it needs for future development. It also enables the expansion of the online business and helps employees manage process optimization. As a result:

  • All processes are visualized with Power BI and dashboards
  • Each moving part or workpiece is provided with a bar code
  • Load carriers – such as pallets or cartons – are visible in the system
  • A data pool is available that can be analyzed and filtered in a field-based manner
  • Advanced services can be generated from the data

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NOTE: This story describes services provided and completed by alnamic AG – acquired by Avanade in April 2020.

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AC-Motoren is fit for the digital future

AC-Motoren chose Avanade as its partner to manage the implementation of its ERP system.

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