Antares Capital: financial services firm builds cloud-based digital workplace solution

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Antares Capital, a leading provider of financing solutions that has facilitated more than US$120 billion in financing over the past five years, is in the process of modernizing its IT infrastructure with a sweeping digital transformation.

“Avanade’s depth of expertise in the Microsoft ecosystem, coupled with their knowledge of the financial services industry, helped us manage our day-to day IT services while building a technology-forward infrastructure. As a result, our IT professionals can spend more time on strategic initiatives, providing a strong and secure foundation for our business to grow.”

Mary Cecola CIO, Antares Capital


The company is working with Avanade, to develop and deploy a cloud-based digital workplace solution designed to foster collaboration and efficiency. The new managed services operating model frees up IT resources to focus on innovative projects that will drive growth, increase revenue and enhance customer satisfaction.

The digital workplace solution leverages Microsoft Office 365 and Microsoft Azure and empowers employees with tools including Skype for Business, Outlook, SharePoint, and OneDrive – all available on any device at any time and eliminating cumbersome accessibility touchpoints.

To learn more about how Antares Capital is pursuing a cloud first strategy, please watch excerpts from CXOTalk’s interview with CIO, Mary Cecola. Or to see the full interview click here.


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