Avanade revolutionizes analytics with BI-as-a-service

Business Situation

Most executives have more data than ever before. What they need, however, is more insight into that data—and they need those insights in real time, anytime and anywhere they happen to be. Avanade executives are no different except, perhaps, that their needs are being met by a cloud-based business intelligence service that Avanade also makes available to its clients. It replaces cumbersome slide decks and spreadsheets with highly visual and intuitive dashboards optimized for phones and tablets running on any major platform. Executives now make better data-driven decisions. The BI-as-a-Service solution is faster and cheaper to bring to market than traditional BI.


Avanade BI-as-a-Service Case Study

''The simplicity and agility that we see with BIaaS are benefits that our clients see when we create cloud-based services for them.''

Rafat Naqvi Vice President, Enterprise Applications, Avanade


Avanade’s solution unites its various data sources in the cloud and provides BI-as-a-Service to its business users, thereby gaining agility and cost-effectiveness that drive most companies to the cloud in the first place. Avanade BIaaS runs on Microsoft Azure and a platform of managed capabilities which Avanade developed specifically to bring cloud-based BI to both Avanade and Accenture clients.

Avanade developed an internal service called Customer Insight. The goal of the service is to help Avanade consultants better understand, anticipate and meet client needs. It provides a consistent, consolidated set of information that was formerly available across a series of disparate databases, including CRM, SAP, HR, and Cognos, as well as in spreadsheets and emails.


Avanade turned to cloud-based data and analytics for better and faster data insights at lower cost.
Drives better decision making

Avanade executives needed better, faster access to data than they could get with monthly reports and traditional analysis tools. Now, they have it.

Cuts time, cost to market
In an increasingly competitive environment in which IT is constantly tasked to do more with less, another benefit of Avanade’s BIaaS solution is its lower cost and faster time to market, compared to traditional BI solutions.

Reduces ongoing maintenance cost by 50%
Faster and cheaper time to market is only part of the cost savings associated with BIaaS. The project also transformed a potential capital investment into a much smaller operating expense for cloud hosting, which could be managed more nimbly.

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