Credit Suisse

Business Situation

The Credit Suisse IT division was running two separate e-mail environments – one for their banking divisions (Credit Suisse) and one for their insurance business (Winterthur). Both environments were based on Microsoft Exchange 5.5 on the server side and ran on a legacy mixed Windows NT and Windows 2000 server platform. Since Exchange 5.5 was at the end of its lifecycle, Credit Suisse had to migrate these e-mail environments to a new messaging platform.


Having decided to migrate to Exchange 2003, Credit Suisse set up the project “New Mail” with the objective of:

  • Migrating both e-mail environments to two separate Microsoft Exchange 2003 based mail platforms
  • Reducing the overall costs per mailbox
  • Improving the service quality and availability
  • Consolidating the messaging components through centralization
Avanade and Accenture teamed closely with Credit Suisse to:
  • Design both Exchange 2003 infrastructures for Credit Suisse and Winterthur
  • Design the Migration from Exchange 5.5 to Exchange 2003
  • Migrate around 40,000 users from the legacy system to Exchange 2003
  • Decommission the Exchange 5.5 based environments


As a result of the joint project, Credit Suisse was able to provide their users a rich featured e-mail service based on the latest Microsoft technology and reduce the overall operational costs of the messaging environment.

In addition, by using the Avanade Mailbox Migrator, Credit Suisse was able to minimize the migration costs and time through automated and scheduled migration procedures.

Credit Suisse

Case Study: Credit Suisse mail migration

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