Home hospitalization provider turns to a mobile solution for better patient record keeping

Business Situation

​This medical system's home hospitalization service provides coordinated medical care in a patient's home. A highly manual, paper-based process for entering patient data into the central medical system was time consuming and error prone. Caregivers needed to fill out two forms per patient, one located at the patient's home and one kept at the department's central care unit--requiring travel on top of time.


Avanade proposed to provide workers with secure, mobile tablets to better manage patient records during home visits. The devices offer remote access from a patient's home. The new system meets the medical system's needs for a mobile, secure, high-performance and cost-efficient solution. The initial pilot effort deployed 150 devices, with a goal of equipping all 1,000 workers with a device by the end of 2013.


The solution lets health professionals scan any paper items in a patient’s record, such as prescriptions, photos of wounds or administrative documents. Scanning in this manner enables fast, secure synchronisation of patient records, eliminating manual updates. This solution also provides professionals both online and offline access to all information, including visual representations of when patients should be taking prescribed medicines. The application’s user interface was designed to be as intuitive as possible for ease of use and adoption and to minimize training and support time.

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