Public health provider improves patient care monitoring with virtual Microsoft Kinect

Business situation

Higher life expectancy is driving increases in the number of chronically ill patients. Our customer, a European public health provider serving a population of more than two million, was looking for an innovative and cost-effective way to monitor, communicate with and treat this patient population. It also wanted to replace side-by-side meetings in the hospital. It believes if it could communicate with patients virtually and systematically via “telecare”, overall patient care and quality of life would improve and provide patients with a feeling of security and peace of mind. It anticipates that intervention and hospitalization costs would decrease, given early issue and crisis detection


Accenture and Avanade custom designed and developed a solution that has a gesture-controlled natural interface to treat chronic patients virtually. The Microsoft Kinect Telecare (TeKi) solution connects with medical devices for patient monitoring, has facial recognition and voice recognition to identify the patient and can track 3D body movement for exercise and range of movement. It also has the ability to connect medical devices for patient monitoring.


The solution will allow healthcare professionals daily access to:
  • Communicate directly and indirectly with patients via videoconferencing, voice and text messaging to assess status and provide education, self-care and healthy habits information
  • Monitor and get input from patients daily by assessing clinical data and patients’ responses to simple questionnaires; provide visual and voice guidance on exercises and use 3D movement detection to ensure that movements are performed correctly; and send alerts and reminders for appointments
  • Respond to crises and emergencies by generating messages and alarms based on readings from medical devices and the patient’s progress against their treatment plan

In a patient’s home, the solution will comprise of a Microsoft Kinect device, a complete healthcare measurement kit, a secure Internet connection and a visual display (typically a television), all of which connect to a central processing unit for patient interaction. It is not necessary to use additional devices or accessories. Healthcare professionals will have an associated management console which allows them to define a treatment plan based on information received from the patients in their home. The system will be integrated with the customer’s broader chronic patient management platform and healthcare information systems.

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European Public Health Provider

Project Summary: European public health provider enables patients to engage with healthcare staff from home to improve overall care

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