Golder Associates reshapes the value of IT by realizing the power of collaboration with managed services

Business Situation

The company was unable to share knowledge gained from previous projects across their global teams. Intelligent search capability was needed to search data across system, region and office which added complexity. Additionally, the IT organisation also faced the challenge of providing multi-lingual support for the new environment. The company needed a one-stop information workspace for each area of expertise to share project-relevant documents, activities and events across teams.


Golder has achieved 30% savings in time and effort through greater automation across the collaboration platform and leveraging managed services. The company now owns and controls standardised data, processes and reporting across countries and regions. All project relevant data can be updated and shared from a single point of reference. The project resources can access this information any time and from any part of the world. The firm also can scale quickly for emerging support, testing or development efforts.


Avanade helped this engineering firm build a portal with an intelligent search capability to find data across systems, regions and offices. The project workspace portion of the portal enables Golder employees from around the world to create and use project web sites using standardised project templates. The collaboration workspace portion of the portal will enable Golder employees with similar areas of expertise to provide each other quick answers to hard questions and to collaborate in developing company-wide best-practices and templates to be used when starting new projects. The relationship between Avanade and Golder also includes offsite multilingual support from Avanade for change requests, enhancements and production updates to the application.

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